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Distribution Triomphe

4845, rue Vaillancourt

Sherbrooke  QC  J1N 2V2

TEL: 819-864-0222

Sans frais: 866-863-0222

Toll free

Entièrement fabriqué au Québec ( Canada )

All made in Quebec  ( Canada )

 Residential warranty.


Warranty on futon frames and beds. (This warranty does not apply to a business use ).


    • The wooden structure is covered for a period of five years.
    • The mechanism is covered for a period of one year.


  • Distribution Triomphe will replace pieces only and no returns will be accepted without our authorization.


  • Transportation fees must be covered by the customer.


  • Distribution Triomphe may require for pieces to be sent back to be fixed.


  • The retailer must provide the customer with a receipt including the date of purchase.


  • Distribution Triomphe is not responsible for variation in colors on the wood.


  • In the event of the unavailability of the mechanism, the manufacturer reserves the right to replace it by another model or to fix it.


  • The warranty does not cover service fees, or shipping and handling.


  • Distribution Triomphe is not responsible of damage done to floor surfaces by the piece of furniture. For example:  Rugs, carpets, wood floors,
  • linolium, etc...


  • It is strongly recommended to add protectors under the legs of all pieces of furniture.


  • Each piece will be charged and credited upon return, except for transportation fees, which are at the customer’s expense.


  • Each return must be well identified on the delivery paper, with the authorization number by our authorized transporter.


  • Every product should be delivered to the customer’s residence with the assembly plan to facilitate the order of the desired piece.


  • The warranty does not cover abusive use of the product and is not transferable.